Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Lapps at Mailan Putiikki, Yllas.

Lost and Found Saloon, North Beach. 10/1/95.
When K turned 40.

K & the Pimp Hat

That's my pimp...
Mari & Satu on a Helsinki street.

The Finnish Family

Otto (my god son), me, Emma(the youngest), my sister Annukka and Lotta (the middle kid).

The main cathedral with Alexander the Great. I've sang in this church many a time.
Kurt at the Helsinki harbor. Old Kauppahalli behind him...and the frozen ocean.

It was cold in front of the Finnish President's castle. Yes, our prez actually has a castle. She's cool that way.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Zankel Hall

November 5th, 2005
Before our first rehearsal at Zankel Hall (the smaller of the Carnegie stages), Val and I decide to pamper ourselves with a manicure. We wander into Hannah and Her Sisters after brunch. Then to the city. The PMErs gather at City Center Studios, across the street from Zankel, for a warm-up and pre Zankel rehearsal. Kurt and Kymry head out for an adventure of their own...

New York, New York

November 4th, 2005
We left the warmth of CA behind us and took a red eye to, what we thought was going to be, frigid NYC. How wrong we were...We arrived at balmy Kennedy Airport before crack of dawn on the 5th. We were headed for CARNEGIE HALL.
Unfortunately, we are one of the only people in the modern world without a digital camera...and the 35mm was running out of batteries, not to mention film. Almost all the images you will see here have been scavanged from a friends' blog...Sorry E&A. :)
But first, we needed sleep. Our friend Valerie had kindly offered us her futon at the ungodly hour and we headed to Astoria and sweet zzz's. And Peanut, the Bunny.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

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We've been a bit busy in the last few months....
On New Year's Eve, we walked on to a beach in beautiful Waimea Bay and said our vows in front of family and a few friends, followed by an amazing picnic, some music and a swim...Hawaiian style.

The forecast said the North Shore of Oahu would get 60 mi/hr winds and rain that day. Miraculously, the morning was clear. We were staying at Backpackers hostel in Pupukea with 7 friends and got up early in the morning. Partially due to nerves, partially the friendly neighborhood roosters milling about and declaring morning starting at 3 AM.

After some celebratory, morning Mimosas, the groom went out to the beach with a few friends to reserve a spot we had staked out earlier in the week. We were going to position ourselves near a beautiful tree canopy, next to Mark Foo's (world famous surfer and the founder of Backpackers) memorial.

I, the bride, had some unfinished cake business to take care of. Unfortunately, the fridge at the cabin was not the best ever and I found both cakes I'd made the day before, floating in syrapy goo. It had weakened the cardboard boxes and they had to be taken out of the fridge for repairs....I wasn't quick enough and the household pets =ants got to the big cake before I could fix it. Needless to say, that cake was history.

We seremoniously threw it out into the communal garbage, after a few guests had taken a taste of it. Apparently some of our friends are much more adventurous than I am. To make up for the missing cake, I marched into the nearby Foodland, declared cake emergency and bought a plastic cake box for the remaining creation. Just in case, I also purchased another cake.

It was time to get ready (and to send for the groom, still at the beach). After showers, we took a few minutes to follow a Hawaiian tradition of the bride and groom rubbing sweet-smelling lotions on each other, in preparation for the ceremony. Coconut was our chosen tropical scent.

It was getting close to 1 PM, our start time, and we made our way out to Waimea.

Some of the guests had already arrived and the family was setting up the tent for the picnic. Promptly at 1 PM, the skies opened and the water started trickeling down. The wedding party huddled under the tent and waited. After about 15 minutes, the rain stopped. We had gotten our Hawaiian wedding blessing and were ready to begin. The rain had also allowed for those on 'island time' to get to Waimea before the ceremony.

The groom's father officiated the ceremony, which was influenced by Finnish, Quaker, Apachee and Tao traditions. Friends and family got to give us their blessings, which were varied in form. The groom's mother spoke with a voice of three mothers, including those we missed in presence. Two of our friends provided the processional music in the beginning and a song of our choosing; Cheap Trick's Mandocello.

We had written our own vows:

"From this day forward, I promise to share my life's journey with you through full moons and deep blues. I ask for your heart and your spirit as my life's companion. I give you my loyalty, bring you my creativity, and I offer you my love for all eternity."

After the ceremony, we indulged with wonderful home made picnic foods. We had a toast (non-alcoholic, since we were in a public area) and cut the cake (upon which task it became clear that I would determine 'where the cupboard stood in the family'..Finnish for 'who wears the pants'.) The garter was caught by a friend of the grooms from San Francisco. We had had our first kiss on his couch...many moons ago.

The men in the wedding party decided to take a little swim in the ocean after all this. What a great way to end the party.

Slowly, we packed up and made our way to the cabin to prepare to receive the New Year. We had dinner at Breakers in Haleiwa town, returned to the cabin and fought to stay awake until midnight. We toasted for New Year in New York, then for Central States, California and finally Hawaii.

That night, the roosters did not wake us at 3 AM. They were probably recovering from heart attacks brought on by excessive amounts of loud fireworks.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Wedding Planning

We've been going through a lot of details today. The silver bands have been purchased, his and hers, not alike. I have a dress, although it still needs to be dry cleaned. We've come up with an idea for jewelry and flowers...however, the groom's clothing for the occasion still needs work.

We have a music list ready for the wedding CD's, I'll make copies to be sent to Finland after the fact. We'll include such classics as Bjork's 'It's Oh So Quiet' and Cheap Trick's 'Mandocello' (which, by the way, will be our wedding song), Chet Baker's version of 'My Funny Valentine' and so forth.

So little time and so much to do..we refuse to take stress over the arrangements. :) Food for the picnic, vows, music, photos...are we forgetting something?

We are saddened by the fact that my family is not able to be there, but we will try to include them in every way possible. Phone calls, emails, and this web site. For us to call my parents after the wedding ceremony, they would have to stay up until 3 AM...well, it'll be New Year's, we'll see.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

the queen of the house and the world's most talkative kitty.
she knows what she wants and won't let anything slide.

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The beginning

A set up. More to come...